Thank you for considering sending material for posting at Fabens Nostalgia!

If you have already read my other musings, you will know that I am starting out this site by adding my own collection of memorabilia which dates mostly from the mid-to-late 80’s to a little bit of the early 90’s. However, my purpose for creating this site is so that everyone can enjoy a stroll down memory lane, no matter which decade(s) are nearest and dearest to you. Therefore, I am hoping that readers will dust off old books, dig through memory boxes and start bugging relatives for material.

I am interested in receiving pictures and/or video files of the following items. (This is by no means a comprehensive list – who knows what you might dig up and want to send on over!)

– Yearbook covers
– Assembly programs (ie band concerts, UIL plays)
– Graduation pictures and/or video clips
– Reunion pictures and/or video clips
– Prom memorabilia
– Newspaper clippings
– Newsletters
– Yearbook snapshots
– Class group pictures
– Miscellaneous photographs

There are several ways to submit your information:

1. Take a snapshot of your memorabilia item;
2. Scan an image to your computer; or
3. Digitize a video.

Please send your item(s) to There are a few things I would like you to keep in mind if you decide to submit a piece of nostalgia for posting at this site:

1. Include a brief description of what you are sending, along with a date as close as possible to the original date of the source material. You may also include your name and year of graduation if you would like that information to be published.

2. I will not publish your e-mail address or other contact information anywhere on this site unless I am given your express permission.

3. Depending on the volume of material I receive, it might take a few days for item(s) to be posted, but I will get to all requests as soon as possible.

4. Do not send in any offensive or inappropriate material. I reserve the right to screen attachments appearing questionable. I also reserve the right to refuse material including but not limited to: items deemed copyrighted, plagiarized, offensive, inappropriate or un-related to the purpose of this website.

I look forward to hearing from you!


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