Thanks for stopping by Fabens Nostalgia. My vision for this website is for it to become a one-stop resource for everything and anything about memories associated with growing up and/or currently living in Fabens, Texas.

Ideas for this site were born from a memory box I’ve kept over the years. My collection includes pictures, cards, newsletters, newspaper articles and other items related to growing up in Fabens from the late 70’s through the early 90’s. While much of the box’s contents are personal to me, I realized that I do have quite a few other nostalgic items which others might be interested in viewing.

With the advances in modern technology, I realized that with a lot of scanning, copying, downloading and web-publishing (and a little bit of patience!!) it is possible to put together a virtual library of Fabens nostalgia!

Here is an example from my collection (click on thumbnail for full article):


The above is a newspaper article I had neatly tucked away, dated January 26, 1988. It is an El Paso Herald-Post article about the construction of the “new” Fabens High School. I scanned the clipping into my computer the other day and viola! It no longer has to collect dust in my memory box!

Granted, the scan quality of this article at the moment isn’t the greatest, but I am still tinkering with settings, etc, to obtain optimum views. So please bear with me during these early stages of building this website… I assure you the items you will find in the upcoming weeks and months will be easier to read!

Here is a partial list of other items I am working on uploading (yes, I did actually save this stuff over the years, some of it being over 20 years old!!!):

– Yearbook Covers

– Concert Programs

– UIL Programs/Flyers

– Graduation Programs

– Fabens ISD Newsletters

– Prom Memorabilia

Now, my items might be interesting to those who grew up in Fabens around the same time I did, but for for others who grew up during a different era, I don’t want to stop with adding only stuff from the 80’s (as cool as that decade was, ha ha!)  Rather, I hope to eventually build a large library of material spanning across several decades. That’s where you may come in to the picture.

Click here for more details about how you can truly help make Fabens Nostalgia a one-stop resource for all sorts of interesting treasures!


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