1. You loaded up your mom or dad’s car with all your friends to drive to the Montwood Movie Theater, and while traveling west on I-10, you reached the far eastern edge of El Paso when you got to the Lee Trevino exit.
2. You only dreamed that one day Fabens would have a McDonald’s.
3. You remember that when the FISD central library was built, it used to have green astro-turf sloping down the sides for landscaping instead of rocks.
4. You attended school dances in the old Connie E. Murray Cafeteria.
5. You drove out to “first hill” to hang w/ your friends around a tire bonfire.
6. You remember when Norriene’s was Joe and Norriene’s.
7. You lived out in the boonies and had to ride bus route #1, # 2, #3, or #4 to get to and from school.
8. You wondered why route #3 always had the dusty old clunker, a mini-version of the Partridge Family bus (minus the flashy colors) while all the other routes got the newer, “sleeker” buses.
9. You received your 1986-87 yearbook in 1987-88.
10. You were taught by Mrs. Glover or Mrs. Ryan or Mrs. Babcock or (insert your favorite 80’s teacher here) in elementary school.
11. You regularly shopped for groceries at the old Big 8 before the building was converted into a pawn shop/gun store.
12. You picked up your mail at the building which was later converted into a day care center.
13. You recall that the vacant lot on Main Street (next to the old First National Bank) was once the site of a store named Winns. And you remember shopping there for back to school supplies!
14. You owned a “Nowhere Else But Fabens” T-shirt, bought at Winn’s.
15. You remember when there was only one Good Time store. (They are now 7-11’s)
16. You attended Junior High at the two-story campus behind the old Ethridge house.
17. You attended High School at the “old” campus on Camp Street.
18. If you were a band member while attending the “old” High School, you went to band class in the two-story, squat-shaped band hall behind the campus. And you remember that the second floor (with a balcony view overlooking of the main floor) had rows of those awful dusty practice rooms covered with peeling turqoise paint!!!
19. You had to walk all the way from the “old” High School to the Connie E. Murray Cafeteria every day to eat lunch.
20. You only had 30 minutes during your lunch period, therefore you allotted your time thusly:
5 minutes to walk to the cafeteria (plus or minus a few seconds, depending on which wing of the building you were coming from and how fast you walked);
5 minutes of waiting in the serving line;
5 minutes to scarf down your food (a little longer if you happened to get there as one of the first in line);
5 minutes to walk back at a leisurely pace;
….and the last 10 minutes were reserved for socializing out in the front of the school campus.
21. You decided you didn’t like what they were serving at the cafeteria, so you bought a hamburger or grilled cheese sandwich at The Catwalk. Then, with your spare 25 cents you bought a rainbow-colored space pop (shaped like a long skinny cone) to sneak back into class.
22. You were taught math/algebra/calculus/geometry by Mr. Sepulveda when he still had dark hair. Side note to 1990 graduates: “Can’t Graph This” (Hammer style) has special meaning to you.
23. You were taught everything you need to know about Texas history by Mr. Esparza.
24. You laughed so hard till you cried in Mr. Lorio’s class (which you attended in the old two-story Junior High building) when he acted out scenes from Uncle Tom’s Cabin, yet you winced equally as hard when he made you read all 1000+ pages of Centennial!
25. Mrs. McKenzie was your junior high English teacher before she was your high school counselor.
26. You passed by the old Johanna O’Donnell house (now long torn down) at the corner of Camp and Fabens Road on a daily basis.
27. You correctly remember that Flicks used to be a funeral parlor.
28. Calling to El Paso was a long distance.

1 Response to “You Know You Were Growing Up In Fabens During The 80’s If…”

  1. 1 Adrian Medeles January 30, 2008 at 3:58 pm

    You fondly remember that awesome food fight in junior high, and waiting for our punishment at the gym covered in chili beans and mustard.

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