August Mini-Update

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Thanks Veroinica and Diana for your recent comments!!!  Glad to have you come on by!

The site has not been updated with new material recently.  I wish I had more to things to share at the moment, but most of what is posted so far is from my own collection and I’m still hoping that others will dust off their photoalbums and scrapbooks and send on over some cool stuff.  You never know…. what might be a simple picture for you, could turn out to be someone else’s treasure!!

I hope everyone is having a great summer.  Take care everyone,




Monday, May 13, 2008

Hi everyone, I thank those of you who have come to this site when it first popped up, and I also thank the return visitors!

As you have noticed there hasn’t been new material added since earlier this year.  My idea was to start out with my own collections, and then see what would roll on in afterwards.  A few things trickled in early on, but I have not received anything new as of lately.

I’m on the lookout for more pictures/cards/yearbook covers so that I can add them to the blog.  If you have been thinking about sending me something but just haven’t gotten around to it yet, please mark it on your “to-do” list, as  I would love to hear from you.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!


A Slice Of Fabens’ Past

Last updated: 02-19-08

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Welcome to Fabens Nostalgia!

I am guessing you found this webpage because you currently live in Fabens, once lived there or now live somewhere close by. Or perhaps you have family and friends with ties to this small West Texas town. Whatever your reason(s) for navigating to this site, welcome!

For those of you wondering, “Why was Fabens Nostalgia created?” I have two answers, really. Here’s the long answer:

I had been mulling for quite some time an idea for putting together a sort of nostalgic tribute to my hometown of Fabens, Texas. Nostalgia as a general theme, no matter for whom or when or where, has always been a strong interest of mine, for that matter. I ran a yearbook exchange website a while back, and even though it no longer exists, I have never lost the interest in wanting to pick up a related website hobby again.

And the short answer?

I missed my 17th year class reunion last year (for various reasons too long to explain here) and I wanted to find a way to make up for it!

What solidified, though, in my mind that creating a site called Fabens Nostalgia would be an interesting idea is that I composed this little list about a year ago. It’s tucked away at my MySpace page, but I’ve always thought it should be out there elsewhere on the internet… After all, I know there are many who can exactly relate!

Additionally, just recently I’ve been exchanging some e-mails with a few Fabens alumni. Some nostalgic musings were shared back and forth – general oddball comments and funny observations about growing up during the 70’s and 80’s. It then occurred to me, why not built a site specifically dedicated to Fabens nostalgia, and not just the for 80’s, but for all decades across the board?

Thus, Fabens Nostalgia was born!

I grew up in Fabens and I would not have changed my upbringing for the world. Sure, there were many moments of boredom due to the lack of big-city amenities, but, without a doubt, I would not be the person I am today if I had not grown up in Fabens.

Now that I live in the sprawling and oftentimes impersonal metropolis of Houston, I realize how much the small things really mattered growing up in Fabens years ago: driving only a few blocks to get to the neighborhood grocery store, being able to rent your VHS movie and pick up your pizza at the same time, going to school dances in the old Connie E. Murray cafeteria, hanging out at Pop’s Better Burger after football games, building floats during homecoming week, heading out in the desert to huddle around bonfires or watch the sunset… and just knowing that people around you were always friendly and laid-back.

I do miss Fabens. Perhaps not the brick and mortar of the community, but rather all the fond memories associated with names and places around town. I also fondly recall what it was like growing up in Fabens before an era dominated by the internet and modern digital gadgetry. We lived a bit isolated back then, don’t you think? (But then again, I guess the same could be said for Anysmalltown, USA, during the decades of past!)

Click here for an explanation of what you can find at this site. You can also contribute material to make it grow. At the moment many parts of Fabens Nostaglia are just bare bones, but I do plan on making frequent updates, so please check back often. You never know what treasures you just might find!

Here’s a little piece of nostalgia to get you started:


Click on the above thumbnail to see a photograph of Fabens High School circa 1988. As you can see, the current campus wings and additions are just piles of dirt in this picture. And what about the location of Fabens’ present-day Middle School campus? Well, the picture just speaks for itself.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your visit down memory lane.

Mary Olson
FHS Class of 1990

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